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Men's Wellness

face Treatments

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Acne Laser
This laser spot treatment helps to shrink pores and eliminate pesky blemishes.
Nearly 7 million Botox procedures were done last year. Are you the next male? With our advanced techniques, you’ll look well-rested without looking like you had work done.
$395 / Area
Cyst Injections
Have a pimple brewing? Improve its appearance and cut down recovery time with a quick in- office injection.
$55 Add-On / $150 Treatment
Gentleman’s Facial
De-stress and cleanse with the ultimate relaxation – this customized facial for men focuses on deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration.

body Treatments

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Back Facial
This signature back facial focuses on a deep cleansing of your back, gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, extractions, and hydration.
Kybella is an injectable treatment that helps the body to dissolve fat in the treated area. For men, the most popular area is under the chin and love handles.

hair Treatments

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Laser Hair Removal 
Laser Hair Removal for smooth and hairless skin.
We are able to offer quick and effective laser hair removal treatments.
PRP Injections For Hair Growth
PRP therapy can harness the power of your body’s powerful natural growth factors to reactivate inactive hair follicles to help trigger hair regrowth. The non-surgical solution to fuller, thicker hair!


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B12 or B-Complex Vitamin Injections
B vitamin injections are great for muscle recovery, mental alertness and increased skin cell turnover for fresher, brighter skin.
Vitamin IV Treatments
Long weekend? Stressful business trip? Maybe you just want an overall health boost. Stop by for one of our custom Vitamin IV cocktails to help you look and feel your best.

Must-Have Products

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Featured Before and Afters

SkinLab Botox Treatment

Before and After Botox®

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Before and After Botox®

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Before and After Botox®

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Before and After Hair PRP Injections

SkinLab PRP Treatment

Before and After Hair PRP Injections

SkinLab PRP Treatment

Before and After Hair PRP Injections

SkinLab Kybella Treatment

Before and After Kybella®

SkinLab Fraxel Treatment

Before and After Acne Laser

SkinLab Excel Laser Treatment

Before and After Redness Minimizing Laser

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