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Salicylic Acid & Retinol Together: What The Pros Say

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With all of the talk about how beneficial salicylic acid and retinol are for the skin (especially for those prone to breakouts), it’s only

3 Tips To Naturally Plump Your Skin & Restore Collagen, Expert Approved

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Jello skin. Honey skin. Dewy dumpling skin. What do each of these buzzy beauty looks have in common? Aside from sounding yummy, their main

17 Winter Skin-Care Routine Essentials, According to Dermatologists

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Winter has officially kicked off, and with colder months comes a change in humidity, exposure to indoor heaters, and blustery winds that actually can

Barrier Repair Is Skin Care’s Hot Topic—Here Are 15 Restorative Products for Stronger Skin

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As the body’s outermost line of defense, the skin barrier serves a key protective function. A new crop of formulas promises to strengthen skin

Hair Removal Devices & Formulations

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Humans are, for the most part, hairy. And just how much hair, and where on one’s body and face it appears, is ever changing.

The 15 Best Over-the-Counter Scalp Psoriasis Treatments, According to Dermatologists

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It’s pretty safe to say that scalp problems of any nature, including itchiness and flaking, are extremely annoying to anyone who suffers from them.

The 15 Best Shea Butter Products That’ll Prevent Winter Dryness

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Trendy skin-care ingredients come and go, but one that seems to stick around our beauty routines is shea butter. In case you aren’t familiar,

11 Skin-Care Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2023

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Uncovering beauty trends, particularly if they are skin-care related, is one of the most joyful parts of my job as a beauty writer. From

Do You Actually Need A Facial Steamer? Benefits, Risks & How To Use It

Skin care does not need to be fancy—you can absolutely get by with a simple cleanse, treat, moisturize regimen.

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